Can I speak commands and punctuations when I dictate?

Yes. If you want to have punctuation in your dictation results, you can speak them by saying "comma", "period", etc. Some special symbols such as "$", "%" are automatically placed in context. You can also perform some basic text commands by speaking them; for example you can say "New Paragraph" to have a new paragraph in your dictation. Below is a list of commonly used commands and punctuations:

Commonly used commands

"New Line" or "Next Line" Press the enter key once, capitalize next word
"New Paragraph" or "Next Paragraph"               Press the enter key twice, capitalize next word
"Caps <word>" Type with an initial capital
"All Caps <word>" Type in all uppercase
"Caps On" Start typing words with initial capitals
"Caps Off" Stop typing words with initial capitals

Commonly used punctuations

& "ampersand" or "and sign" . "period"
: "colon" ? "question mark"
! "exclamation point" , "comma"
= "equal sign" @ "at sign"
/ "forward slash" or "slash" - "hyphen"
' "begin single quote" or "open single quote" ' "end single quote" or "close single quote"
" "begin quote" or 
"open quote"
" "close quote" or 
"end quote"
( "left parenthesis" or 
"open parenthesis"
) "right parenthesis" or "close parenthesis"
% "percent sign" $ "dollar sign"
# "pound sign" ° "degree sign"
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