I'm having issues connecting through a proxy or firewall. What can I do?

This is a common issue experienced by users of the app. If you're running the app behind a proxy, firewall or network that restricts certain types of traffic, you may encounter an error message such as:

"Cannot connect to the system"


"Cannot connect to our system. Please make sure that you have an Internet connection."


If you encounter this error, you will need to allow your network to open a connection to our servers. You may need to contact your IT department or IT administrator for additional help if you're unable to do this yourself.

Dragon Dictation need to connect this DNS addresses:

  1. Root Address: af.nvc.nuancemobility.net
  2. DNS address depending on the language in which you're using the app, you will need to change your network settings as follows:

- English (USA): Dragon Dictation connects to ap.nvc.dictation.enUS.nuancemobility.net, via port 443.

- English (UK): Dragon Dictation connects to ap.nvc.enGB.nuancemobility.net, via port 443.

- English (Australia): Dragon Dictation connects to ap.nvc.enAU.nuancemobility.net, via port 443.

Network settings for other languages can be obtained by opening a ticket with our support team.

Note that the app does not use the HTTPS protocol. If you are doing any sort of protocol analysis/filtering, the app will fail. Additionally, the app is not proxy-aware. Therefore, you need to ensure that the app has direct access to our servers, or that your proxy (if you use one) is transparent to the app.

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