How do I change my side convenience key selection for Dragon for E-Mail?

Please follow these steps:

1. Access the Dragon for E-Mail Settings by clicking on the Dragon for E-Mail application icon and then clicking on the BlackBerry Button. Now choose 'Reset Configuration' and click OK.

2. Click on the Dragon for E-Mail application icon again, it will take you through the set up process.

3. At Step 2 of the setup process (To choose Dragon for E-Mail Side Key): from Options select Screen/Keyboard, and set the Right or Left Side Convenience Key to 'Nothing'; depending on which convenience key you wish to designate as the side speech key for Dragon for E-Mail.

4. At Step 3 of the setup (Test Configuration): make sure you Press and Hold the Side Key you assigned in Step 2 and then continue with the rest of the set up process.

You will now have a new side key assigned to Dragon for E-Mail.

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