Step-By-Step: Location Sharing

You can ask Dragon for your friend’s location or tell Dragon where you are. Dragon will then display a map to show exactly where each of you is situated. Even if your contact does not have Dragon, they’ll have the option to reply to a location request!

Let’s take Dragon’s Location Sharing feature for a real world spin.

To find a friend's location from Dragon Mobile Assistant: 

1. If you want to find the location of a friend ask Dragon “Where is Sandy?”



2. Dragon will find Sandy in your contacts and send her a text requesting permission for her location:




3. Once your friend has shared her location, Dragon will send you a map with a pin designating where she is, making it even easier to find each other:




How to share your own location: 

You can also share your current location with a contact. Just tell Dragon to “Tell Sandy where I am” and Dragon will share your location. Or, if a friend sends you a text message saying “Where are you?”  Dragon will show an alert that your friend wants to know your location. You can then tap “Share my location” to confirm that you want to share your location with your friend.




If you don’t want Dragon to share your location you can deny the location request. When someone is searching for your location, Dragon will simply tell that person you are off the grid.

Dragon Mobile Assistant makes sharing your location easier than ever through the power of voice assistance. Wherever you are, Dragon can help you find your friends!

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