Step-By-Step: Making Phone Calls

Simply tell Dragon who you would like to call and it will quickly get you connected. Get things started by simply saying “call” plus your contact’s name as saved in your address book and Dragon will activate call mode. Tip: by saying your contact’s name as written in your address book, Dragon finds the exact contact and phone number you want to call more quickly – and all by voice.

Example 1:

1. Tell Dragon to “Call Jimmy Boylston”



2. Dragon will begin the phone call immediately:



You can also reach the phone call feature of Dragon Mobile Assistant by starting with a request to call and, when prompted, follow with the contact’s name.

 Example 2:

1. Tell Dragon to “Call”



2. Dragon will ask you who you would like to call. Say the name of your contact such as “Jimmy” and Dragon will begin dialing the number:



Dragon Mobile Assistant makes placing phone calls quick, easy and best of all – hands-free!

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