Step-By-Step: Checking the Latest News

Dragon Mobile Assistant helps you access the latest news with a few simple words. Now you can read about what is happening around the world faster than ever. Whether you have a favorite section of the newspaper or a particular news source you always read, Dragon can help you get the information you want. Check out the best ways to find new stories with Dragon.

Say the name of the news source that you want to open like “CNN”. Dragon will take you directly to the site with the most recent stories:



You can also tell Dragon the specific section of news source that you are interested in reading about with a phrase like “Business on New York Times” and Dragon will take you to the mobile Business section of the newspaper:


Dragon Mobile NYT     Dragon Mobile NYT Home


Using Dragon to open the latest news reports on your Android has never been easier! Now you can stay up-to-date on information with the help of your personal mobile assistant.

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