Step-By-Step: Sending Text Messages

Dragon Mobile Assistant offers a hands-free personal assistant function that is especially useful when you would like to send a text message on the go. Here are the best ways to use the voice texting feature.

Dictate to Dragon what you would like it to say. Use keywords “tell” or “text” for text message recognition. Next, tell Dragon who you would like to text. State your contact’s full name as it is listed in your contacts; if there is more than one person who has the same first name, Dragon will need further instruction for which individual to send the message. Then say what you would like it to write.

Example 1:

1. “Text Timmy I’m using your car to get groceries”



Once you have finished speaking, Dragon will show you the text and ask if you would like to send, change or cancel the message. If you are ready to send the message, tell Dragon “send” and your text will be sent.

If you would like to change a message before it is sent, you can do that as well.

Example 2:

1. "Tell Will I will call you in 10 minutes”



2. Simply tell Dragon to change the text message by saying “change message to I will call you in five minutes”. Now the text message is ready to be sent. Tell Dragon “send” and your new text will be sent to your contact:



You can also say something like “Add to message at the restaurant” to append to the currently-displayed message.

Dragon Mobile Assistant helps make text messaging easier when you want to be hands-free. With these quick tips in mind, you are ready to use the voice texting feature of your personal assistant whenever you want.

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