Step-By-Step: Using the Calendar Call Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant’s latest feature offers automatic dialing for any call set in a calendar appointment. When you have an upcoming call scheduled, Dragon will ask if you would like to dial-in shortly before the call time. No matter the call, Dragon can help you get connected!

Let’s check out an example of how to use this exciting new feature.


1. Tell Dragon to “Schedule a call with 617-555-1212 in my calendar”



2. Dragon will prompt you for the meeting date by asking, “When is it for?”. You can tell Dragon the day and time of the event such as “Tomorrow at 2”.




3. Dragon will next ask if you would like to save your calendar call. Say “Save” and the calendar entry will be set like “A call with 617-555-1212” in your calendar.



Once the calendar event is set, Dragon will be ready to place your call. Dragon will detect the call on your calendar and offer to dial the number at the meeting time, putting you at ease about keeping all your pressing appointments!

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