Step-By-Step: Navigation

Dragon Mobile Assistant can get you where you need to go with its voice-driven navigation features.

All you have to do to activate Dragon’s navigation feature is to say what you need be it ‘directions’, ‘navigation’ or a specific address. You can even ask Dragon for your location and it will display where you are on a map.

Let’s take a test drive of this handy feature!


1. If you need directions to a landmark or address, simply ask Dragon “Directions to Logan airport”


Dragon Mobile Directions


2. From there you can finalize your mode of transportation and select "Get directions” in navigation to begin:




Navigation in Driver Mode: 

1. If you are driving and have Dragon set to Driver Mode, activate Dragon by saying, “Hi Dragon”. Dragon is now awake on your Android and will be listening for your next command.



2. Tell Dragon “I need directions” or simply say “Navigation”




3. Dragon will ask for what location you need directions. Tell Dragon the location like “TD Garden” and the navigation window opens. Next select ‘Get directions” in navigation to begin.




4. You can also tell Dragon the specific address you are looking for such as “100 Legends Way Boston” and Dragon will direct you to that destination:




Dragon Mobile Assistant makes getting directions simple and easy – just tell it where you want to go and your destination is delivered!

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