Swype - Keyboard (iOS): Features Overview

Swype is the most accurate and intuitive touchscreen keyboard for smartphones and tablets, featuring continuous touch technology that allows you to effortlessly slide your finger from one letter to the next – with words and phrases appearing as you go. Swype is now available for iPhone and iPad through the App Store.

 Swype offers a range of features designed to make text input for the iPhone and iPad fast, accurate, and simple:

  • Next Word Prediction: With advanced next word prediction, Swype users will enjoy a natural, proactive text input experience.
  • Quick and Easy Punctuation: Users can enjoy built-in Swype gestures to enter punctuation and symbols for an intuitive and accurate typing experience.
  • Broad Language Coverage: Swype on iPhone and iPad will include language support for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish – more on the way!
  • Adaptive, Learning Vocabulary: Swype learns the words and phrases users use the most so they automatically appear as users input text. So the more you use it, the smarter Swype gets.
  • Themes: Five themes will be available to give users the option to personalize their Swype experience.
  • Swype is available for download on the App Store.




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