Why does my device revert to the default keyboard after a reboot?

On some Android devices, the default keyboard will re-enable itself after a reboot, even though Swype is selected as the primary keyboard. We are currently aware that this issue is affecting a small number of Swype users.

The issue is related to how Google Play installs paid apps on your device and how your device reads apps during the boot process. On some devices/Android versions, the keyboard is not called during the boot process due to its install location, meaning that you may see your default keyboard instead (not Swype). Unfortunately, we don’t control where Google Play installs the app, or how your device boots.

We highly recommend that you install the latest version of Android on your device for full compatibility.

We have raised this issue with Google and are hoping that they resolve it shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes to our users.

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