Error: 'Can't Connect to Server. Check your signal strength and try again.'

There are a few common reasons why you might get an error saying 'Can't Connect to Server.  Check your signal strength and try again.'  All of them relate to the phone not being able to make a network connection.  

Here are some things to check for:

  1. Check whether Safari is working.  Go to your favorite search page and try typing any query that you haven't used recently (random characters work great).  If the browser can't connect to the network, neither can Vlingo.
  2. Signal strength.  Like any network application, Vlingo works best with WiFi, or at least a 3G network.  Ideally you should have at least 3 bars of coverage on your signal meter (upper left corner of your screen).  With less than 3 bars, network reliability is reduced.  If neither the WiFi symbol (it looks a little like a rainbow) or '3G' is displayed, then you're on an older network and even 3 bars will be marginal.
  3. Unreliable WiFi connection.  If WiFi is turned on, try turning it off.  We've seen several cases where this has helped.
  4. If WiFi is turned off, try turning it on.
  5. Airplane mode.  Make sure Airplane Mode hasn't been switched on accidentally.  Go to Settings, and make sure Airplane Mode is set to OFF.
  6. Upgrade to the current version of iPhone software especially if you running a version lower than OS 2.2.  This contains significant network improvements that will minimize timeouts.  If you're not sure what version you have, go to your iPhone's Settings -> General -> About.

To help us better help other people with this problem in the future, please let us know how you make out, and what resolved the problem for you.  If you still see Can't Connect errors after following these steps, let us know and we'll try to help you from there.

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