Vlingo does not recognize my contact names

iOS 6: If you are experiencing this problem in iOS 6 SMS and email, it is the result of the OS upgrade and you must reconfigure your settings to fix it. Follow SETTINGS>PRIVACY>CONTACTS and make sure that Vlingo is "on." This should allow the application to recognize your correctly spelled contact names.

Otherwise -

You do not have to do anything to get the Vlingo iPhone voice dialer to scan the contacts from your address book. Each time that Vlingo starts up, it checks for any recent changes to your address book (assuming you have permitted Vlingo to upload your contact names so the voice dialer works). Updating the Vlingo recognizer should not take more than a few minutes and only happens once each time you make a change.

If Vlingo does not match on your intended contact, it is because the text in the text box does not match the spelling of your intended contact. If Vlingo misrecognizes a name or any other word, you should type in the correction. Vlingo will begin to learn.

Please note: Vlingo 2.0 users may disable Contact Indexing in the Vlingo Settings.  If Contact Indexing is disabled Vlingo will not collect contact information and will purge previously collected information, so Vlingo may not understand some contact names in the address book.  To ensure maximum accuracy, Contact Indexing should be enabled.

To enable Contact Indexing:

  1. Open Vlingo.
  2. Click on the Wrench icon in the lower left hand corner of the Vlingo Home Screen to open Settings.
  3. Set Contact Indexing to On.
  4. Close Settings to save your change.
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