Does Vlingo support Foursquare?

Yes! Vlingo supports Foursquare application. You can update your status on Foursquare with Vlingo by simply saying: "Shout [STATUS MESSAGE]", "Check in to [LOCATION NAME]", or "Where are my friends?"

You can also speak to insert text virtually anywhere you can type on your Android, including into any built-in or third-party application such as instant messaging, calendar entry, adding contacts, getting directions, and more. In order to do so, you will have to set Vlingo as your device's default voice recognizer:

1. Open your device's Settings

2. Select 'Voice input & output'

3. Select 'Voice recognizer'

4. Choose Vlingo

5. Reboot your device by pulling the battery for 30 seconds (Note: This step is very important as it serves to reset the keyboard's microphone)

You will find the microphone button on your device's keyboard. Simply click on the text box then select the microphone symbol. Please be aware that Vlingo's voice recognition software is not compatible with all Android keyboard models.

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