What is Safereader?

SafeReader is a feature of Vlingo available to all Vlingo Android users.  When this feature is enabled, Vlingo will read back incoming email and SMS messages from Android Messaging.  At this point Vlingo is not able to read back messages from other applications.

To enable SafeReader there are a few things you need to do:

1. Click on Vlingo Home and click the SafeReader icon. (To turn the Safereader application off, just click it again)

2. Go to Vlingo Info -> Settings -> Safereader Settings and select the appropriate settings.  Please make sure to add an Email account.  Vlingo is not able to obtain the information of your server from Android itself.  It has to be defined separately.

Safereader characteristics:

1. Reads SMS as they are received in the phone

2. Reads the first 30 words of incoming emails/SMS

Safereader for Vlingo InCar mode:

Note that when using Vlingo 'InCar', you can automatically select Safereader to be ON at all times.  This mode also allows you to reply to the last text message received in your inbox.  Your Emails will be read back to you, but Vlingo InCar mode does not support sending Emails through Vlingo at this time.  This feature is only available when speaking to Vlingo from the 'Speak now' screen.

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