Vlingo and volume

Simply lower your device's media volume in order to decrease Vlingo's (including SafeReader) volume.  You can either do this by opening Vlingo and pressing down on the volume control toggle on the side of your phone, or by opening your device's Settings -> Sound -> Volume and adjusting the media volume. Our application does not have its own adjustable volume separate from the phone's media volume.

 When using Vlingo InCar, music/audio that is playing on the phone will automatically be paused.  The audio will then be resumed when InCar is closed.

When speaking from Vlingo's 'Speak now' screen, the audio will also be paused.  When Vlingo has finished listening for your command, the audio will be resumed.  With that said, when the Vlingo application home screen is open, the audio will not be paused; on the other hand, InCar is designed to pause the audio even when it is not listening.

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