Uninstalling Vlingo

Vlingo is loaded automatically on the HTC Tilt 2 and it cannot be deleted.

For the Samsung Jack phones, it is also preloaded on device, but there is a way to delete the application. First you will have to make sure that you have Vlingo version 1.5 and then you will be able to delete it.

If you haven´t upgraded to Vlingo 1.5 please follow the following:

1) Go to the Vlingo Home screen

2) Press Menu

3) Check for Updates

4) You will see an update available and the Software update features on your screen. Press the Update button to start the update process.

5) While the update process is taking place, the Web browser will display the download messages and ask you either to RUN or SAVE the download file on your phone. Make sure to press RUN to complete the update.

With version 1.5 installed, you can now delete Vlingo from your device:

1) Go to Start

2) Settings

3) More

4) Remove Programs

5) Choose Vlingo Corporate

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