I have a Samsung Jack device, how can I dowload version 1.5 of Vlingo to my device?

This response is only for Samsung Jack devices:

Vlingo 1.0.1 is automatically loaded onto the Samsung Jack phones operating with Windows Mobile OS 6.5.

If you are not sure which OS your phone is operating with, do the following:

Go to Start -> Settings -> More ... -> More ... -> About: The screen will tell you which Windows Mobile your phone is operating with.

If your phone is not operating with the latest Windows Mobile OS 6.5 you can download v1.5 from our website www.vlingo.com to use v1.5 with Windows Mobile OS 6.1.

If your phone is working with Windows Mobile 6.5 follow the following steps to upgrade your Vlingo version to version 1.5:

  1. Go to the Vlingo Home screen.
  2. Press Menu.
  3. Select Check for Updates.
  4. You will see the Software Update features. Press the Update button to start the update process.
  5. While the update process is taking place, the Web browser will display download messages and ask you either to RUN or SAVE the download file on your phone. To complete the update, make sure to press RUN each time.

When you complete the update process, Vlingo 1.5 is on your phone.

Note: If you chose SAVE instead or RUN when downloading Vlingo, the download was not completed. You have two options to complete the installation:

  1. Go to Start ->Applications --> File Explorer and find the Vlingo file you saved. Click on it and continue the installation.
  2. Go back to Vlingo Menu -> Check for Updates and follow the flow again making sure you choose RUN each time during the download process.  

With each new update Vlingo sends a banner to your device with the new information about the new release.

If you decide to close this banner you will not receive another messages from Vlingo until a new update is available.

If after closing the banner you decide you want to check for new updates, you will have to go to Vlingo home ->Menu ->Check for Updates.

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