Error: 'There was a problem connecting to Vlingo. Please check your Internet connection and try again.'

This error means that Vlingo cannot connect to the mobile data network. Following are the likely solutions to this problem:

  1. Set your phone's browser to use the same Access Point or Destination that Vlingo is using, and check to see if the browser works correctly. If the browser cannot connect to the Internet, then Vlingo cannot connect either.
  2. Check your signal meter to make sure you have a strong connection to the Internet. (Note: if you're using a WiFi connection, you can skip this step).
  3. Go to Tools -> Profiles and make sure that your phone is not set to Offline.
  4. Turn your phone off using the power On/Off button, and then turn it back on again.

Note that Vlingo will only display the networks that you have defined as access points or destinations on your phone. If Vlingo does not display an access point or destination that you want to use, you should add it. The way you add access points and destinations differs slightly depending on your phone model.

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