‘No match found’ when speaking contact names

Vlingo for Nokia currently does not see your SIM Contacts. As a temporary solution to get Vlingo to match your contact names, you must copy them from your SIM onto the phone. Here's how (note the exact steps may be slightly different depending on your phone model):

1. From your phone's home screen, click on the Contacts icon.

2. Click Options -> SIM Contacts.

3. To select the contacts you want to copy, highlight the contact and click Options -> Mark/Unmark -> Mark (to copy ALL of your contacts, click Mark All).

4. Once you've selected all the contacts to copy, click Options -> Copy to Contacts.

We expect to address this limitation in an upcoming release. When an update is available, you will also see an update notice at the top of each screen when in Vlingo. You can also check for updates by selecting 'Software update' within Vlingo Options.

Additionally, due to memory constraints on your phone, Vlingo has a limit of 5000 contacts. If you have more than this, Vlingo will ignore any contacts after it reaches 5000.

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