How to set up and use Vlingo

To set up Vlingo on your phone

  1. Click the Vlingo icon in your application list.
  2. A Setup process will guide you to set any required options and speak a simple phrase. 

After the setup process is complete

  1. If your phone does not allow applications to start automatically when the phone is powered on, click the Vlingo icon to start the application.
  2. Press the activation key and speak. 
    1. On touch screen devices, the activation key is typically a 'soft' key that's part of the phone's screen itself. You would have selected it when you went through the Setup. 
    2. On phones without touch screens, the activation key will be defined during Setup.

 Speaking to Vlingo

Vlingo does not force you to conform to a rigid set of keyword-based commands.  It's designed to let you speak naturally.  For example, if you're speaking an email you can say:

  • "Email Jen"
  • "Send email to Jen Smith, subject dinner, message where would you like to have dinner tonight?" 

Try different wordings and see what works best for you. 


For More Information

  • See the 'What you can say' help topic within Vlingo on your phone
  • Because of its simplicity, Vlingo does not have a user's guide.
  • Vlingo has a Help system on most devices which can provide further guidance.
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