Supported Languages

In order to change the language of Vlingo, follow MENU > SETTINGS > LANGUAGE and choose from one of the following:

Vlingo for BlackBerry: English (US & UK), French (France & Canada), German, Italian, and Spanish (Spain, North America, South America, & Mexico).

Vlingo for Nokia: Arabic, English (US, UK, Australia, & Finland), French (France & Canada), German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazil & Portugal), and Spanish (Spain, Mexico, North America, & Latin America) - all optimized for European speaking styles. 

Vlingo for iPhone: is currently implemented for English only. It is particularly optimized for speaking styles native to the United States and the United Kingdom. To verify the language setting please go to the Setting page from the Vlingo Home screen and check the Language option at the top of the page.

Vlingo for Windows Mobile: English, optimized for speaking styles native to North America.

Vlingo for Android: English (US & UK), French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin Chinese (Simplified), and Spanish as well as Beta support for Japanese and Korean. 

After you have chosen a language, the change will not be applied until you close Vlingo and start it again.

As with all Vlingo technology, language recognition improves naturally and automatically over time. The more you and others use Vlingo, the better the recognition gets.

Several additional languages and regional dialects are in development and will be added over time. As we support additional languages and accents, we will announce it on our web site.

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