Why is Auto-Dial not working?

Even if auto dial is turned on, Vlingo will only auto-dial if two conditions are true: 

  • Vlingo is sufficiently confident that it didn't make a recognition error and is dialing the correct name you spoke. 
  • The contact to dial is unambiguous. If you have two contacts named Mike Smith and Mike Jones in your address book, each with multiple phone numbers, and you say 'call Mike', it will not auto-dial. You would need to say something like 'call Mike Smith at home'.

Vlingo has settings you can use to turn auto-dial on or off, and also to adjust its behavior. Use the Auto-dial sensitivity or Auto-dial behavior setting if Vlingo is either auto-dialing too frequently or not frequently enough. Here's where to find these auto-dial settings:

  • For BlackBerry: Vlingo Options -> Applications -> Auto-Dial Behavior
  • For Nokia and Windows Mobile phones: Vlingo Options -> Settings -> Applications
  • For iPhone: Vlingo Tools -> Phone
  • For Android: Vlingo -> Settings -> Auto-dial

If you're still unsure why Vlingo isn't auto-dialing, look in the text box that shows what Vlingo thought it heard. If the spelling of this text doesn't exactly match the spelling in your address book, that may be the problem.

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