Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are social networking services. Other companies, not Vlingo, run these services. Vlingo gives you the ability to update your Facebook and Twitter status by speaking into your phone.

Vlingo doesn't require any user names or passwords. Facebook and Twitter, however, require user names and passwords for logging in. When you use Vlingo to log into your Facebook and Twitter accounts you must enter the Facebook and Twitter user names and passwords.

If you want to register for one of those social networking services and are unable to log in, or have forgotten your user name or password, please visit Facebook or Twitter for further assistance.

Once you've subscribed to either of these services, you'll need to tell Vlingo how to access them by entering your login credentials into Vlingo. The first time you speak to either of these services, such as "Facebook status..." or "Twitter...", Vlingo will take you through the process to log in to Twitter or to activate Facebook Mobile Texts.

If you are receiving text messages to your phone from Twitter, they are caused by mobile updates from the website. Here is how you turn off mobile updates for a specific account:

1. Send a text to 40404 (the Twitter short code)

2. In the message of the Text enter: Off Vlingo

This should disable SMS updates from @Vlingo. 

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