How do I to turn on or off Vlingo's taglines in messages?

Here's how to turn Vlingo's taglines on or off in messages you send with Vlingo.


  1. On the BlackBerry Home screen or Programs screen, click on the blue Vlingo icon.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Scroll down to the Taglines section.
  4. Set the desired taglines to On or Off, as desired.
  5. Click Menu -> Save.


You will need to turn the Vlingo taglines on or off for each application individually.

  1. Open the Vlingo Settings by tapping on the Wrench Icon on the Vlingo Home page.
  2. Tap on either Social, Email and SMS.
  3. Toggle the Tagline to On or Off, as desired.
  4. Repeat for each application where you wish to disable the Tagline.
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