What suggestions do you have for getting the best possible speech recognition?

Vlingo uses highly advanced speech recognition technology to deliver the best accuracy possible. As with humans, it sometimes misunderstands what you say. Here we provide information about how you can get the best results from Vlingo's speech recognition.

  • Begin speaking shortly after you see the 'Listening' dialog. If you speak too early, you may see an error message asking you to wait slightly longer before speaking.
  • Make sure that Vlingo's language is set correctly via Vlingo's Options/Settings.
  • Be sure to pronounce words clearly but naturally. Start out by speaking as you would to another person. Experiment with speaking somewhat louder or softer to discover what works best for you.
  • Do not pause between each word.
  • Avoid long periods of silence since this can cause Vlingo to pick up background noise as intended speech.
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