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We think you will be comfortable with our privacy policy.

Vlingo gives you the option of uploading or not uploading the names of your contacts. Vlingo uploads contact names only so it can recognize your contacts when you say them for voice dialing. You can choose not to upload your contact names, however, the voice dialer will not be as accurate if you opt out of this collecting of contacts.

Before collecting your contact names, Vlingo prominently displays a screen with the following notice:

"In order to voice dial, Vlingo needs to collect your contact names. Vlingo collects only the names (not phone numbers) of your contacts and uses this information only to ensure accuracy."

This same screen gives you the option to view our complete privacy policy, as does the Info -> About screen. The full Vlingo privacy policy is also available on our Web site at Privacy Policy. Once you've reviewed the complete policy, please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

Here are some portions of our privacy policy that are most relevant to this issue of collecting contact names.

"Vlingo will NEVER collect personally identifiable information from you, or disclose that information outside of Vlingo, without your express permission."
"We collect names of individuals and companies that appear in your address book in order to provide a high quality service when you speak a contact name. We do not collect any other information associated with these names such as addresses or phone numbers. We will never use these names to contact anyone for any reason, and we have no way of associating these names with unique individuals or of linking them back to you."
"Vlingo respects your privacy, and we take protecting it very seriously. We don't like it when people use our own personal information or offer it to others without our permission, and we won't do that to you. In fact, since our own employees are also Vlingo users, our own privacy is at stake just as much as yours is."

Please note (iPhone users only): With Vlingo 2.0, users may disable Contact Indexing in the Vlingo Settings. If Contact Indexing is disabled Vlingo will not collect contact information and will purge previously collected information, so Vlingo may not understand some contact names in the address book. To ensure maximum accuracy, Contact Indexing should be enabled.

To enable or disable Contact Indexing:

  1. Open Vlingo.
  2. Click on the Wrench icon in the lower left hand corner of the Vlingo Home Screen to open Settings.
  3. Set Contact Indexing to On or Off.
  4. Close Settings to save your change.
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