How much does Vlingo cost? Where do I download it?

Vlingo is priced differently across the different platforms that it is available on. The prices are as follows:


Vlingo for Android: FREE from Google Play Store or Amazon Marketplace + optional $1.99 fee to remove ads from application

Vlingo for iPhone:
FREE from Apple App Store

Vlingo for Blackberry: FREE (limited time) from Blackberry App World with full features

Vlingo for Nokia: FREE via Nokia OVI App Store

Vlingo for Windows Mobile Phone: FREE from Vlingo's website at

Vlingo never charges a usage fee. However, Vlingo is an Internet-based application and uses a data network each time you speak to it. Your mobile operator may charge you for data usage. The amount of data required is approximately 1 MB for every 150 times you speak to Vlingo.


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