Error: 'No additional applications designed for your device were found'

Welcome to the world of BlackBerry sideloads and desktop software!

If you're unable to download Vlingo over the air directly to your BlackBerry, you will need to sideload it using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Sometimes the Desktop Manager will return an error saying 'No additional applications designed for your device were found'. This does not indicate a problem with the Vlingo software, but rather with how your Desktop Manager is communicating with your BlackBerry. The following instructions should resolve this problem.

  1. Make sure both the .alx file and the .cod file that you downloaded from Vlingo and unzipped are present on your desktop.
  2. You may need to update your version of Desktop Manager. Older versions frequently returned this error. The way to do this depends on your situation:
    • If your phone is on a corporate BES, contact your BES Administrator for instructions on how to update your desktop software
    • If you bought your phone from your carrier, go to Click on the link for your carrier, and follow the instructions. Note that in many cases, you will get to a page that tries to get you to download new device software for your phone. You do NOT have to upgrade your device software (though you can if you'd like). Each carrier's page is different. Somewhere on the page, probably near the bottom, you may see a link saying something like 'If you do not have the latest version of Desktop Manager installed on your PC, please click here'. You may click this link if you like.
    • If you bought your phone directly from RIM, open the Desktop Manager. Click on 'Check For Updates' in the lower right corner of the main screen. This may open a Web browser window that will take you to a BlackBerry Web page where you can download the latest version. Follow the instructions on the screen. If you're asked for which product to download, select the highest available version of 'BlackBerry Desktop Software'.
  3. Once your Desktop Manager is up to date, check to make sure your PC's BlackBerry device drivers are up to date. RIM calls the drivers 'device software' which can easily be mistaken for the BB's operating system. Just to be clear: we're not updating your operating system.
    1. In Desktop Manager, click Help -> About Blackberry Desktop Manager -> Device Software. If see an entry corresponding to your BlackBerry model, you're done.
    2. Otherwise, if you don't see such an entry, go to Click the Software tab, then click the Update Now button. you will need to use Internet Explorer to do this.

Once you've downloaded and installed the required updates, you can go back to Desktop Manager and try installing Vlingo to your BlackBerry again. It should work now.

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