Upgrading Vlingo

When a new version of Vlingo is available for your phone, you will see an update notification at the top of every Vlingo screen. The notification will persist until you either install the update or dismiss the notice. The upgrade notice informs you of important bug fixes and new capabilities. By the time this notice appears, thousands of other Vlingo customers have downloaded and tried it, and we've checked to make sure it hasn't introduced unforeseen problems. We highly recommend that you click to download the new release.

If you'd still rather not download the new release, you can click on the 'X' to the right of the message. The message will then stop appearing.

Note all versions of Vlingo are targeted for every device model. For example, some versions are intended only for specific operating systems, keyboard types, and the like. Don't worry, when key new features or bug fixes are introduced, we'll make them available across the board.

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