When I try to dictate an e-mail or text Vlingo launches the Web Search window. How can I fix it?

Some users have reported that Vlingo will occasionally stop entering dictated text into the body of an email or SMS text message, and instead launch the Vlingo Web Search Window.  This problem is rare, but below are the steps to resolve this issue:

1. Make sure that the BlackBerry side key used to launch Vlingo is set to 'Nothing' or 'Do Nothing'.  You can check the current side key settings here:  OS 5 devices --> Options > Screen/Keyboard > Right (or Left) Side Convenience Key Opens / OS 6 & 7 devices --> Options > Device > Right (or Left) Side Convenience Key Opens

2. If the BlackBerry side key is set to 'Nothing', try rebooting the BlackBerry by removing the battery for 30 seconds.  

3. If you are still seeing this problem after rebooting the BlackBerry, try reinstalling Vlingo.  Please contact us if you need detailed instruction on how to reinstall Vlingo.  We will need to know if you downloaded Vlingo from App World or somewhere else.

The steps above should resolve this problem.  If not, contact us and we will further assist you with this problem.

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