How do I use Vlingo with my Bluetooth headset?

Here's how to use Vlingo for BlackBerry with a Bluetooth headset:

  • Make sure that Vlingo Options -> Bluetooth Support is set to On.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth headset is paired with your BlackBerry.
    • On your BlackBerry, run through Options -> Set Up Bluetooth.
    • On the headset, you'll have to refer to your manufacturer's documentation since it varies by model. If you can use your headset for a phone call, it's set up properly for use with Vlingo.
  • Activate Vlingo with your side key as you normally would without Bluetooth.
    • Don't press the button on the headset. At this time, Vlingo does not support using the Bluetooth headset button to activate Vlingo.
  • Vlingo will always cause your BlackBerry to vibrate to indicate when to start and stop speaking, regardless of how Audio Tones is set in Vlingo Options.
    • There will be a perceptible delay between pressing the side key and feeling the vibration. 
    • Some headsets have an additional built-in beep.
  • Start speaking after the beep or vibration.
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