How to download Vlingo to your Blackberry

Below are steps for downloading and installing Vlingo on a BlackBerry.

Downloading from BlackBerry App World:

1.  Open your BlackBerry App World on your phone.
2.  Search for Vlingo.
3.  Select 'Vlingo - Virtual Assistant' followed by 'Download'.
4.  Install and setup Vlingo

Downloading from Vlingo's web site:

1.  Open your BlackBerry's built-in browser.
2.  Browse to
3.  Click on the "download now" link
4.  Install and setup Vlingo

If you have already purchased Vlingo, it will automatically activate your current license when you reinstall.  You won't need to do anything at all to make this happen.  If you are unable to activate your license, please contact Vlingo support.

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