Vlingo does not recognize any of my contacts anymore. It is spelling their names correctly, but it is just not syncing with some or all of my contacts. What can I do?

Vlingo can only access the contacts in your default contact list. With that said, please first check how many contacts are in your BlackBerry's default contact list. To do this, please refer to the following:


1. Open your BB's Contact list

2. Press the BB menu key and select Options

3. Select Default

4. Check how many contact entries are in the Default contact list


If all contacts are in the default contact list, please then try rebuilding your address book.

If the majority of your contacts appear in another contact list (to check this, again, open the Contacts application on your BlackBerry, press the BB menu key, and select Options), please do the following:


1. Open BB Options

2. Select Device

3. Select Advanced System Settings

4. Select Default Services

5. Change Contact List (SYNC): to the account that has the majority of your contacts.


If this does not resolve the issue or if you have numerous contact lists, we recommend that you merge all contact lists through BlackBerry Desktop Manager and import a complete list of your contacts back onto your BlackBerry. To do this, please refer to the following article from BlackBerry's Knowledgebase:


1. Duplicate desktop or unknown services are found in calendar or contact list options

2. How to merge Desktop or Unknown contact list databases on the BlackBerry smartphone using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager

If neither of these solutions work, here is another help article you may try to restore your default contact list: Duplicate Desktop or Unknown Contact List Databases Found in Contact Options.

If you are stuck on step 6 of Vlingo's Setup, we do have another solution that is rather tedious.  Occasionally the data format of your contact list is fundamentally changed, usually by an update to your Blackberry's OS, which can cause Vlingo's contact sync engine to choke when it tries to process your contacts. If this happens, the best way to get Vlingo up and running is to sync your contacts to your computer using the Blackberry Desktop Manager (if you do not have the Blackberry Desktop software, click the following link for a free download: http://us.blackberry.com/apps-software/desktop/), delete the contacts from your phone, finish setting upVlingo, and then resync your contacts to your phone from your computer.


Below is a step by step set of instructions designed to facilitate an easy execution of this process:


1. Sync organizer with Outlook using Blackberry Desktop Manager (BDM). In order to do this:

  • Sync phone with BDM.
  • Select "Organizer" from the side menu.
  • Click "Configure settings...".
  • Configure a one-way sync from your Handheld to Microsoft Outlook. Follow the steps to sync your contacts with Microsoft Outlook and select "Finish" at the end.
  • The box next to "Address Book --> Microsoft outlook" should be checked. Click "Sync" at the bottom right corner of the page. Your contacts will be loaded into Microsoft Outlook.


2. Verify that your contacts have been successfully moved into Microsoft Outlook.


3. In the handheld, remove the contact database. It's most easily done by going into the contact options screen and simply typing "rset". Nothing will echo to the screen when you do this. Then it will prompt you to delete the contacts. You answer "yes".


4. Setup Vlingo.


5. Connect to computer again, and run BDM. Re-configure your sync conduits. For simplicity, uncheck Calendar, MemoPad, and Tasks. Edit the Contacts conduit to go one way only from PC to Handheld (similar process to step 1, except that you must select "Reset settings..." before reconfiguring a contact transfer back to your Handheld).


6. Verify that all your contacts are back on the handheld and that Vlingo still works.


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