Supported BlackBerry OS versions

The following is a list of all supported BlackBerry device and OS versions:

OS Version Vlingo Version Device


OS 4.2


Vlingo 4.0

T-Mobile 8100

AT&T 8130

T-Mobile 8820

Sprint 8830


OS 4.3


Vlingo 4.5.3

T-Mobile 8120

Sprint 8130

Sprint 8330



OS 4.6



Vlingo 4.11.4

Bold 9000

Curve 8900

Curve 8520

Pearl 8220

Pearl 8230

OS 4.7

Vlingo 4.11.4

Storm 9530

Tour 9630


OS 6.0


Vlingo 4.11.4

Bold 9650

Bold 9780

Curve 9330

Style 9670

Torch 9800

OS 7.x

Vlingo 4.11.4

Curve 9310

Curve 9320

If you are currently using a different device than one that is listed above, you can still use Vlingo but compatibility is not guaranteed. As we have not tested these devices, some functionality may differ. However, we encourage you to download the app if you are able to do so from App World.

Note: The 8350i is not supported by Vlingo due to an operating system limitation.

Note: Vlingo for BlackBerry does not support OS 10.

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