Swype for iPhone/iPad

Hello Swype users, 

Swype is now available on iOS platform, you can download the app from app store. Please visit http://www.swype.com/ for more information. 

It has some really great features: 

  • Swype Gestures: Quickly enter symbols, punctuation and capital letters with Swype gestures.
  • Personal Dictionary: Add your custom words to the dictionary.
  • Customizable Dictionary Behavior: Allow Swype to automatically add words to your dictionary or only add specific words chosen by you.
  • Word Choice List: Select corrections or predictions from right above the keyboard.
  • Next Word Prediction: Swype offers intelligent context based predictions from the Word Choice List.
  • Personal Language Model: Swype learns from your keyboard use to provide the most accurate word choices.
  • Auto-correction: Mistyped words are automatically corrected to the most likely candidate.
  • Phrase Correction: Swype looks at the words you have just input in order to provide corrections


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